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It began Emirates Company for Technology and Design opened a new section to the work of special application programs Baloifun, iPad and Alandroa, and the allocation of our team in the design of the smartphone private program to enable through applications to access services and marketing company Apple and provides the user with ease of use and saving time and effort .

Through the contract, the company Emirates technique and design ensures dealing in the implementation of the project with guarantees quick approval in the Apple store and fix errors with the provision of technical upgrade by development proposals for the application


  • استخدام افضل واحدث التقنيات البرمجية فى عمل التطبيقات الحديثة .
  • تطبيق اقصى طرق الحماية للتطبيقات.
  • Providing the means and characteristics of software gives the customer comfort and ease of use,,ar,Ease of adjustment and added software,,ar,Compatibility with all the different screen sizes for mobiles and tablet,,ar .
  • سهولة التعديل والاضافة على البرمجيات .
  • التوافق مع جميع أحجام الشاشات المختلفة للجوالات والتابلت .
  • Compatibility with all smart phones,,ar,Best prices for work Alandroed and iPhone applications,,ar,Provide new solutions for customers,,ar,Deploy the application on applications markets, according to the client,,ar,Programming and system design,,ar .
  • افضل اسعار لعمل تطبيقات الاندرويد والايفون
  • تقديم الحلول الجديدة للعملاء .
  • نشر التطبيق على اسواق التطبيقات حسب رغبة العميل .

  •  Provide programmers to develop iPhone applications on a monthly or every hour
  •  We develop applications that exceed the expectations of service.
  •  Provide detailed reports to iPhone SDK
  • We use the latest tools and techniques
  • We use solutions for application development
  • Regular updating according to the requirements
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction to provide high quality services
  • Adherence to the standards updates to find solutions


Of applications that our ideas have available,,ar,School applications,,ar,Educational design platform provides communication between the student and the school and between the guardian and the teacher,,ar,Book appointments Forum,,ar:

تطبيقات المدارس

نصمم منصة تعليمية توفر التواصل بين التلميذ والمدرسة وبين ولي الامر والمعلم

تطبيقات حجز المواعيد

We provide a platform for booking clinics, hospitals and service institutions dates,,ar,Markets Forum,,ar,We offer you design applications markets and classified ads,,ar,Storage applications,,ar

تطبيقات الاسواق

نوفر لكم تصميم تطبيقات الاسواق والاعلانات المبوبة

تطبيقات المتاجر

Electronic design to sell your products with the electronic payment platform features,ar

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