Enjoy the benefits of hosting the Emirates of Technology, Security, speed and full control and all the properties and features, without exception, and not to this extent only, But will enjoy the technical support on a continuous 24 hours / days a week. Now select your plan to suit your needs and the needs of your site, And also forget to remind you if it does not suit you the following plans all you have to speak with Hua a remembrance of our employees and your plan is required and that you create will be one of the team will be providing support for you immediately..

Important Notices:

  • All plans in UAE Dirhams
  • All of our hosting plans run on a Linux system Linux ..
  • All prices do not include the Domain ( Scale ) Price Domain Hosting 100 AED .
  • Support continued for all customers .
  • Is taking a backup of the site daily. Weekly. A monthly automatic .
  • Is taking a backup copy of the site weekly [ Copy on external servers outside sites servers ] ..

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