Privacy and conditions


A) These terms and conditions applies to all products and services provided by emirates tech and des

B) Emirates Tech & Des FZC is solely empowered according to its own discretion and without any liability to its client to change or modify service ratio and minimum requirements which are applied on any product or service between whiles in accordance to market changes or in accordance to emirates institution for communication Instructions.

2-Agreement validity

A) This agreement should considered valid until what requires its cancellation

B) Client can request cancellation of this agreement in any time and this by directing a written notice to Emirates Tech & Des FZC a month in advance before cancellation, and The client should pay all wages and dues, as No wages or subscriptions paid in advance will return

C) Emirates Tech & Des FZC may terminate this agreement in the following cases:

-Upon the request of the official authorities and the competent authorities

-In Case of the client breach any of the conditions of this agreement

-For special reasons of company interest, and in this case a written notice will be directed to the client a month in advance.

3) Client obligation

A) This agreement include all services provided by Emirates Tech & Des FZC to its clients, it is therefore the responsibility of the clients and all the beneficiaries of this service to obligate

B) Agents, distributors and personal server owners and their clients are obliged to this agreement, and the company will not be obliged to fulfill any obligations to their clients if they do not comply with the provisions of the company

C) Client acknowledges by signing this agreement the validity of all data provided to emirates tech and Des Company

D) Clients acknowledges their obligation to update his data when the company request it, or In each time ( emirates tech and des specify it) and also update his data each time there is change in his data so that the company can offer services to him

It) Client acknowledges responsibility for all displays and poses in any of the services which it provides to its clients legally

F) He has to guarantee the company compensation in addition to its clearance of responsibility or liability of any kind, as a result of his breach of any provision of this Agreement

G) He has to inform Emirates Tech & Des FZC in case of changing the mailbox address or email, either in writing or through the Technical Support Service

H) Clients may not practice activities contrary to company policy or the policy of the United Arab Emirates, such as:

a) Is contrary to Islamic law or contrary to ethics such as links of hostile sites or pornographic sites
B) the illegal use of the company’s services
C) call directly or indirectly to disturb the public order or incitement of violence and terrorism
D) Abuse of legal rights of others but not limited to
– Publishing private information about a person without his consent
– Violation of intellectual property rights
– publishing of information that lead to damage to persons or official bodies or personal or corporate institutions

– Store or distribute any information or files or materials that violates of laws or even add links to it:
– Such as pirated programs, malware and protected recordings
– The use or distribution of IRC programs of all kinds, or any programs serve it on all organs of the Emirates Tech & FZC of servers
– Possession or encourage of possession or use of any of the prohibited activities and programs, whether working or not working. This possession will result in taking actions against the user which could reach service reduction arrest or permanently canceled
– The Emirates Tech & Des FZC has the right to check system files, mail and other data on the company’s devices to detect illegal content or for any other reasons we believe they are necessary

4Conditions to be met by the client
A) that use the emirates tech and des company’s services require knowledge of how to use the Internet and its protocols and languages ​​and programs and the level of knowledge required depends on the method and type of use expected by the client and the contents of the storage space
B) Client acknowledges that he has the knowledge needed to deal with the Emirates Tech & Des FZC services and recognizes that the company is not responsible for providing knowledge or support outside the scope of things related to ensuring the continued operation of these services

5 terms and conditions of the use of shared system resources

A. If the client’s account shared with other customers in the system resources, such as information processing, memory and network resources, everyone is equal in rights on the basis of the quality of paid subscription is not entitled to any client using more than its share, and if that happens we will notify the client and give him the right to choose between upgrade subscription according to his needs or reduce consumption of system resources to an acceptable limit that Can be used by (CGI/PHP/ ASP Scripts ).

B..Programs or BB script of all kinds, such as co-location service and prevents the installation of programs and then used by parties outside the scope of service and in case it affects the performance of the hardware or the network these programs will be closed without prior warning.
C. Chat rooms cause A lot of waste in system resources so it isn’t allowed to install chat software optionally inside spaces hosting devices at emirates tech and des company, but is provided within the company’s services with JavaScript or without it and is a supported software and reliable in their performance so as not to harm to the network or devices Service. Like (corn jobs). (IRC bots).(Eggdrop).(BitchX).(XiRCON).

D. Programs that run in the background or any other program that could conflict with the functions of non-service devices allowed their existence, but it provides a special section in the Control Panel to manage these businesses in an organized way that does not harm the network or service machines

It. Shared Hosting accounts must be distribute traffic amount in the service provided to the days per month, on condition of not to extend more than 20% of the maximum allowable Traffic per month and is strictly prohibited the exploitation of full traffic in one day and suddenly. And if desired, it is a must to notify the Company to take the necessary arrangements

6. System and network security
A. Getting to know information related to the security of any of the components of the network hardware or software or is against to this agreement and goes under the section of penetrating the network security and operating systems. This includes, for example and with no limitation: Access without written permission to access or use or tapping or search for components, information, and data transfer network security or user licenses. Intervention in the services of any user or device or network. And this includes an attempt the depletion of sources of the system ,the transfer of large quantities of information in any form or by falsification and Hide the sources of any type of information transferred on the network.
B. Contact with servers in order to try to hack or spy on networks connected directly or indirectly, or attempt to circumvent user access documentation systems or security services, network, or disturbance of other systems
C. Attempt to weaken or harm with clients service or forbidden and that the use of all Emirates Tech & Des FZC networks and organs should be subject to the regulations set forth in the present Convention and failure of obligation, will lead to account suspension without prior warning the company retained its organs

7. Email
The use of inconvenience mailing messages (SPAM) may damage the Emirates Tech & Des FZC network or spam components or their contents, for that its prohibited to:
– Send messages not related to the purposes of the recipient (spamming)

– Sending messages the recipient cannot reply to or know it’s source (spoofing)
– Send an external message for a hosted site (spamming) using (passive spamming)

– Individual messages to develop responses
– disturb employee by sending messages they does not want to answer (mail bombing)
– Create messages that exceeds the number of normal use (more than 20% of the available system resources)

– Add people on the mailing list without their consent. And All recipients in the mailing lists must register in person, and mailing lists are not used in the distribution of spam
– Messages will be Considered as spam if violated the instructions of the news groups or sent to those who have not requested or provide a mailing address for general use without requiring approval to receive messages
– The distribution or sale of programs that serve or call for the above-mentioned activities
– Any client repeats or incites such activities is contrary to the terms of the agreement “mail bombed”

8. Technical support
A. emirates tech and des provide technical support in the services field provided to its clients only and does not include support problems resulting from the use of any client of external programs in an incorrect way. As well as problems resulting from the installation or operation of programs, pages, or the interpretation or solve the problems of those programs and error messages or any errors committed by the client usage such as: scan all or any of the files or data, or error in the definition of data sources or load greater than its allocated in shared servers.
B. Emirates Tech & Des FZC provides technical support to customers through system technical support and has the right to develop new systems, they also have the right to stop any of the regulations for technical support. And clients will be notified so Briefing
C. clients should always keep the number of request to be answered in the case of any from the team side.

9- Related Programs


Emirates Tech and des provide its client with a group of programs in the control panel, And this programs come from the main source and there is no adjustments on the program codes or dashboard from the company, The Technical support for this programs is provided through the websites of the producing companies for those programs.

B) Usage of the programs provided by Emirates Tech and des means the approval on irresponsibility of the company upon any damages or problems that may result from it.

10. Backup
The company will make backup copies on a daily basis of all the systems of the service on their networks to ensure that there will be no loss of important files, but they will not bear responsibility for the loss of any data or resources or any other sources as a result of any defects or errors or loss resulted from the process of recovery backups. Only the client is responsible for maintaining the contents of its websites, pages, programs or any files or data or databases of any kind. And will provide the company through the Control Panel very easy programs which creates daily backups of entire sites or databases on compressed files easily downloaded from the site to the client system and can be retrieved at any time in the same program and easily

11. Limitations and rights

A.No. (IP) client.
When emirates Tech & Des company offers IP number of the client, it is committed to providing the best possible service to him, and in return is entitled to control the ownership of IP numbers and addresses that may be used to refer to the client as the company may act to change or remove these numbers and addresses, some of this action may be necessary sometimes on the Internet for various purposes such as web development and hardware.

B. Domain Names
Emirates Tech & Des FZC respects personal property to clients domains, it records information directly domain name and his e-mail client and personal information. And provide the client control panel domain with a user name and password. And so the client can manage its scope, as well as directing the reserved domain to any hosting company wants to have a domain or transfer to any other company
– Before the expiration of the reservation by a convenient period, client will be notified by mail, and have priority of the renewal of domain name reservation
– After the booking process you cannot undo and cannot return the amount paid for the domain name reservation
– In case of the expiration of the domain name reservations and bypass a month later. The client cannot retrieve the domain name

C – Hosting
The information and client data on any of the company’s services,consodered as a right for the client alone and the Emirates Tech & Des FZC do not have the right to prevent access to such data or prevented from moving, or deleting. And it has full authority to manage, in case that he had fulfilled its financial obligations to the company. And if he does not pay the customer or User Company will be banned from access to such data or any part thereofe or permanently delete such data

D. Servers (servers)
Payment terms for owners of servers (servers) is on the 25 th of each month. In the case of non-payment, will be suspended from the server at day 28 of the month, and server is canceled on the day 30 and so the company does not assume any responsibility thereafter.

– SMS messaging (SMS):
The Emirates Technology and Design is a distribution agent Services Foundation Absher and applies to clients with all applicable regulations and terms and conditions of the company mentioned not assume any liability in the event of a malfunction or problems beyond the scope of its authority. And is not entitled to any party to claim compensation material or moral, but in the event of the company’s commitment to service providers to provide compensation

**You agree to use this site only for legitimate purposes, and that you will refrain from sending or submitting any material this site that would violate or infringe on the rights of others, or to prevent or limit the use of this site. Or involve is illegal. Or to threaten or abuse or libel. Or infringe on the privacy of others. Or copyright of others, or obscene words, or offensive to Islam or sacred or inviolable.
Or for any other reason is acceptable, or that would encourage the commission of a crime or violation involving civil liability, or where the violation of any law.

*You undertake not to take on the personality of others in messages, whether individuals, companies or organizations or government bodies ….
And undertake not to use phrases refer to win or profit and other terms which have no explanation but profit and win without you get the right to this message to be a real message and be the recipient of the message may actually have won or profit>

You undertake not to send spam to phones you do not know or did not allow you to owners send them or send to sequential or random phones … and in this case, the laws of the Communications and Information Technology will be applied against you … We are also in the event of breach we will freeze your account directly without any prior warning and without any compensation until your proof contrary offense by proving in case of reincarnation personal company, for example, you’re actually a representative of this company and the company has allowed you posting on her behalf … or if the transmitter to spam … prove that you know his number and that he does not mind to receive your message.

Website is not responsible for the delay or loss of messages in the following cases:

1. Writing mobile numbers are incorrectly

2. Lack of text messaging service or the language used or the compatibility in recipient mobile

3. Lack of mobile network coverage in the recipient mobile or out of coverage
In the case of the client’s request to cancel the service and retrieve his money returns the remaining amount (after calculating the value of what consumed points)

* Expiry date for messages is one year calculated from the date of last login for the service and are not entitled to claim in the messages after stopping service

Terms and Conditions of Service Request from emirates tech and des company
A. You can apply for the request through online customer service on the website

B. client Delegate Emirates Tech & Des FZC are as follows:

– Any inquiry to the client or user through emirates tech and des online customer service

– Any financial benefits resulting from the provision of client services have been requested through emirates tech and des the client account service

– The Emirates Tech & Des FZC reserves the right to refuse and for any reason any instructions or inquiries received from the client through emirates tech and des customer service company
D. Should the customer make every possible effort to ensure that the persons authorized by him are authorized only to enter the services company and is the client is responsible for non-disclosure of any user is allowed to access the services of a company named for the irresponsibility of the company or any of its agents or distributers or liability employees for any claim, loss or expense, delay or expenses resulting from any of the instructions or request or inquiry or processes have been implemented across the company by any unauthorized person using your user ID or number secret, in the case of exposure user’s PIN or identity of any other person else, for the client or user to inform the emirates and des company immediately and send a written report on the case and the client will be in this case is responsible for the following

– All instructions and inquiries carried out by the Emirates Tech & Des FZC based on the user’s identity or number secret until the receipt of the company written notice signed by the customer the benefit to suspend trading on them or send a request or contact technical support from the figure registered at the company.

– The client is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all data concerning the identity of the user and a secret number and their account and any other data can be accessed and downloaded or stored in an account or any other electronic device similar to it. And confirms the customer also said that if the use of the Internet to access Emirates Tech & Des FZC Services it assumes full responsibility for any consequences arising from unauthorized use or misuse of any quarter may not have either resulted in a material loss directly or indirectly or damage against the customer or the company (Emirates Tech & The FZC).

– The Client authorizes the Emirates Tech & Des FZC to provide him with all notifications and correspondence through technical support as well as his pledge to take all precautionary measures to maintain the confidentiality of messages received through technical support.Alpha

13. Site design or installation of internal networks
A. Study upon the site is to be designed first, before determining the price
B. If approved, the price is half the amount deposit in advance in the company’s bank account, the rest of money will be handed after the work ends
In. In the case of the withdrawal of the client without justification, or his desire to terminate the contract without any convincing reasons after the deposit amount will not be re-wealth of financial dues
C. Put a link to a company at all locations that are designed. And add 15% of the total cost of the site you want to delete link
H. All network devices internal contents are guaranteed for one year from the date of installation
Kh. Company emirates tech and des is delegated to buy the software license required from the owner company
D. Does not allow installing pirated software or unauthorized by official owners
And. add a link to our website in case of and installing or syndicate any program, and all syndications rights are reserved. For Emirates Tech & The FZC
T. Company is committed to the delivery date of the decision, Although some delays may occur due to amendments from the client and the client if there is no review of the request for more than 6 months, the application will be considered canceled
G. Company is not responsible at all for other companies’ policies argument that we are dealing with such as electronic payment systems. Also The Company is not responsible for products developed by other companies and that are used to design a client’s site (such as programs, forums, magazines), so the company is not Mlzumh any compensation as a result of the problems that occur because of these companies or products

It. The Company does not assume responsibility when asked to update the forum and delivery will be calculated in case of a request service for each hour of AED 1000 to find the flaw
And. Client will not be able to enter the control panel for the program until the end of team work and deliver to the Control Panel and make sure the counting and there is no defect
J. The team work is not responsible for any defect after installing hack because all hacks are not of our software and is not guaranteed

14.General Conditions

A. In case of violation of this agreement, Service will be suspended from the client until the completion of the investigation and to prevent any damage.

B. That any failure or delay from Emirates Tech & Des FZC in the exercise of any right, power or privilege in itself does not constitute a waiver of that right or any part of it as that any exercise by the Company of any right, power or privilege will not prevent the recurrence of such practice or any other practice the rights and judicial measures available legally and enhanced system for each other. And does not exclude any rights or other judicial measures prescribed by law or the rules or instructions applicable

C. And not mentioned in these conditions it would be subject to the rules and regulations and norms applied in the United Arab Emirates country. And specializes in the settlement of disputes that may arise thereon Committees litigation or state jurisdiction.

From 1st Jan,,en,the UAE Government will introduce Value Added Tax,,en,VAT,,en,which will apply to our products and services,,en 2018, the UAE Government will introduce Value Added Tax (VAT) at 5%, which will apply to our products and services.

Terms of the agreement are subject to change at any time by the company’s management. And customers will be notified in a timely manner. And is the continuation of the client or user to use services of Emirates Tech & Des FZC accepted these amendments



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