Established Emirates technology and design (Emirates Tech & Des FZC) By date 01/05/2003 By a cadre of first class of young citizens with experience in designing and programming websites.

Idea of the company started we had a dream to create a network serving Arab browser and website owners , And our beginning in 1998 By designing personal sites knowing that Internet service launched in the UAE in years. 1995, The idea of Web design was updated, And Web design benefits culture was not yet known by most people. , And also the software used in Web design at the time was complicated and purely software programs however we designed personal sites with professional methods.

And then it was the beginning of the creation of the company officially in 2003 And we started working on individual service , Companies and Government departments today are Emirates technology and design (Emirates Tech & Des FZC) Of the leading companies in the field of Web hosting and Web design U.A.E. State level.

The objectives of the company :

Aimed at Emirates technology and design (Emirates Tech & Des FZC) To serve its customers with global services through national saff .

The company's vision:

And aspire to get WAM sites in particular and the world in General to Arabic by modern technologies that we offer to our customers.

Our services company:

Emirates technical and design of continuous development, And today we have a large selection of designs is very impressive and successful and prepared for a large group of business and professions so that each site can get a wide variety to choose from and every taste what suits him and this important factor we took into consideration when preparing the final squad and split designs into multiple categories fit most modern business and old but they all share a modern touches and attractive artistic effects. All our designs share the following features :


  • Long experience in designing and programming Web sites.
  • Complete confidentiality for all customers.
  • Subscriber Service 24 Hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Quick solutions for all locations.
  • Professionalism and efficiency Summit staff.
  • Provide email service.
  • A wide range of additional services with multiple options.
  • Provide online spaces.
  • Guaranteed protection against any unlawful use.
  • Marketing and electronic publishing.
  • Protection of databases.
  • Installation and development of internal networks.

What other company's services?

Personal site services:

  • Transfer sites full of webhost to another.
  • Upgrade your forums or magazines to newer versions
  • Handle errors and repair forums quickly without losing information
  • Converting programs forums from one program to another without loss of members or posts like phpbb >> VB or vice versa
  • Check websites and filling gaps and addressing system errors that occur in the sites and site cleanup of temporary files and databases .
  • Management of remote locations and work periodically backup with site maintenance and a lot of smart solutions to increase the efficiency of the website .

Owners services servers:

  • Integrated management of the server. .
  • Transfer from or to the site server. .
  • Basic software update to the server. .
  • Installation of accessories on the server. .
  • Check and handle server problems as they happen .
  • Ongoing technical support around the clock .
  • An integrated protection system on the server is working around the clock. .
  • Clever solutions for both inside and outside the backup server on a daily basis. .
  • Transport servers reseller account and all child sites to another company or to a separate server .

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